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Film: December 2016/January 2017

Haaaaaiiy, another post to tick of the list today, but I am slowly creeping closer to beginning my skiing posts. I think I've come up with a way to show you all the pictures, it shall be spread out through three or four posts all from different devices. That seems like the best way to show you, that I've thought of so far.
Today has been a pretty good, productive day. I was back in work this morning and the around lunchtime bought mine and Tom's tickets to Dekmental Festival in Amsterdam, which is really exciting, even though its in the beginning on August.. Then this afternoon I have basically been sat at my desk for the whole duration. I did some work towards my English Language evening class, I had my first session last night and it was really good! We're a small class of seven people which I think is perfect for a course like this, more focused help. It was just an introduction to the course last night but she gave us some reading to do which I've done and made notes on, so I may just do some more online reading (we have an awesome online library where you can basically read loads of useful books for free - should I be excited by that?! -). It's definitely been a good get things done day, I feel quite a bit more organised. But alas it's getting darker slowly and I'm reminded that although I could easily sit in growing darkness and barely notice it, it would certainly be great if I could have a desk lamp of some sort that could keep me sat in my spot as the evening approaches. Also I would like a desk chair that doesn't squeak and slouch my back (I feel like I'm writing a Christmas list), I shouldn't get started on the home decor wish list I have buzzing in my brain and jotted down in several places. Ikea will have to wait until I have some significant money left over to spend. 
So this week and next week are looking pretty great! Me and Tom have a musical night out on Saturday to look forward to and I'm going to see if he's interested in doing a yoga session with me that Sunday! Tom's joined the gym and the internet is working in the apartment, what a great time to be alive! 
Now I think I'll make myself a hot chocolate and sip it as I watch these photos upload and finish of this post. Good night! 


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