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Film: November/December 2016

Happy New Year!!!

I wasn't really planning on having this post as my first for 2017, but I am home with internet connection and I've just collected pictures so I may as well make the most of it and write a post. 
I keep saying how I want to be writing better posts with more content and less update faff, but that is indeed what I'm going to do regardless this post. I feel like I want to be writing better when I have a proper spot to get comfy and enjoy writing. Lets set the date for once I have internet in the apartment (promise). 
I'm really excited for 2017. It doesn't feel like its started properly yet, like this is just the warm-up. I've obviously begun to plan my year out (try and stop me), with holidays and festivals wizzing around my mind waiting to be set down to an actual date. I want to do more hiking this year, visit new places and go to even more music events. But I'm also going back into education, and although its part-time it's shortened the gaps I have to do trips away massively. I basically only have three months this year in which I can properly go away places for over a week. And that I certainly plan to do!! 
Still going back to education is really exciting and I really feel ready to give it another shot. It's going to be a lot to juggle and I know I don't fully understand what that'll be like yet. It's going to be a lot of independent studying and I think the main thing I need to make sure I do is fit it in everyday somehow between working and trying to maintain some sort of social life. That's possible right? 
I'm still trying to think up my resolutions for 2017. I feel like I made a lot of progress in 2016 but this year I want to do even better. Positivity is something I want to keep in my focus and also appreciation of the little things in life, whether it being someone being there for me, or noticing the beauty of nature we are surrounded by. I wanna write about these kind of things more but that'll be a later post. 2017 feels like it'll be an important year, a year of self-discovery! Excuse the cheesiness, but I really feel like that's whats important right now. 
I'll leave the rambling here and let you look through what pictures I've been taking on my Diana Mini in the final months of this year.
Enjoy and best of luck for 2017!!


 A night out in Vaults with Rose
 The only picture I took from Manchester..
 Boxing Day:

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