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What I Did In December

Finally I have internet in the apartment. It feels like it should of happened ages ago but that obviously wasn't meant to be. If you don't know already I've been away for a week, again extending the period of time I've been unable to write. I feel like me and Tom definitely needed a week away, all this apartment business has been stressful especially when things don't go to plan. I'd like to think things are finally coming together and hopefully by this time next month everything will be a lot easier to manage and we can start relaxing and enjoying our space a bit more. 
Our week away was in a skiing resort called Bardoneccia in the Italian Alps. It was my first time skiing and with Tom's helpfulness and amazing teaching (and patience) skills, I was off the baby slopes by the first day and by day three doing the more challenging blue and red runs!! I loved it and really I knew I would all along. Being surrounded by snowy mountains was stunning and the speed and control you can achieve whilst skiing feels amazing. I did really enjoy it and it felt almost strange by the end of the week that it had actually been my first time skiing. 
I will obviously have an array of posts on our holiday coming in the following weeks. But I can't escape the list to the side of my laptop, with all the posts I have yet to write. Posts I should of been writing in the last few weeks of December and start of January, but that can't of been helped! I am of course so happy that I can write them now at my own desk in my own place with the sun slowly but surely emerging from the clouds to light up the space. 

So what post to write first. I think I'll keep this one simple and just share with you the photos I had taken over the month of December on my phone. It just makes it easier for me because it means I don't have to write much more now compared to some of the other posts I have lined up. 


 The chosen apartment
 Anniversary day out in Bath
 Saturday night in Manchester
 Mr Hungover
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Day
 Boxing day fun
 NOM veggie deliciousness
 Need internet.... and food...
 Evening with the girls (post coming soon!)
 New Years Eve.

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