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Printworks London

It's shockingly taken me pretty much this whole month to get around to writing a blog post. Don't ask me why but I feel like that sums up my month anyways. Spring where are you? I feel like I'm grasping onto any streak of sunshine and feel of warmth like a life-line at the moment. The only thing keeping me going is my attempt to be healthy and the odd afternoon or evening I get to spend with people. Bleh I'm feeling like shit lately and I feel like its because of work. I do just need to relax a bit more I think, and that doesn't mean sitting around gawking at my phone.. Anyways that's my fit of excuses lol. I do actually have a few blog posts lined up which I've been looking forward to do.

February 18th, Tom and I took a megabus to London in the early morning and headed straight to a day event that was taking place in a brand new venue called Printworks. The venue was an old printing factory (explaining the name) and was huge! After a short walk from the tube station we arrived and were one of the first 100. We gave the place a thorough explore and then began dancing in the main room - a vast industrial space, with around three floors of ceiling space and I couldn't even tell you how long the room was. The room was set out as a kind of tunnel (not so narrow but very long) and all the way along there were beams of lights that moved up, down and horizontally. We had such a great day, dancing for the most of it, a break for food outside. 
I won't go on too much because I'd much prefer show you some pictures that I took of the day. Enjoy! 


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