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Film: February/March 2017

Finally I've developed a film. The photos are okay but it seems that the Bulb setting was on throughout most of the roll. I've been struggling really to finish films off and its annoying but I guess thats because its Winter and not a lot has been happening. Or I should just accept that my life is a lot less interesting and requires a lot less photo taking (which is slightly depressing). I'm still wishing I was more creative with my image taking and made more of the opportunities I do get to take pictures. 
The camera lab I get my images developed suggested I could try out some of the cameras they have for sale to see if I liked the quality of them (and maybe buy them). It's tempting and I'll probably take them up on the offer but that leaves me with the question of What about my Diana Mini. That poor blessed thing and the giant book that is forever never finished. I'm starting to doubt my ability to ever fill it completely. It would involve at least another 3 years of dedicated photo taking. Lets hope life gets a little bit more capture worthy. Haha I'll looking at this grimly. I always have lots to look forward to.
 Next week the girls are getting together for an evening out on the town. Although plans are not finalized. I'll promise to take plenty of pictures however. Maybe I need to start experimenting my Diana Mini again, try didn't shots, different lighting. I think I need to remember I don't only have to capture peoples faces. Also another thing thats getting on my nerves is the fact that it seems now more than ever before people can't figure out how to use the little camera! I'll hand it to a stranger (in order to get a picture with myself in) and explain what part to press down and they just don't get it. Like at all! And I'm so miffed by it because I used to just hand the camera to people of the same inexperience and wouldn't have to explain a thing. So that slightly knocks my confidence because I feel like its such hassle asking people to take photos. 

I've just realised I haven't written since before my birthday. I had a lovely time celebrating and some really lovely presents. Being 22 doesn't feel any different although I'm quite glad I'm not 21 anymore. I'll try write again soon and hopefully have another film to post in not too long of a time. Everyones so busy at the moment with deadlines and work and lives of their own. It's exciting, but I can't wait for Summer and hopefully a bit more free time to enjoy. 


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