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Film: March 2017

Yay I have new things to show and a new post to write. Today has been a really busy day, mainly because tomorrow me and Tom are heading to Mannheim in Germany for Time Warp festival!! I'm so excited... 
This week and last week have been really good fun, the weather is slowly getting better and Agnese came down from London last Tuesday until this Tuesday so we made most of that time and hanged out loads. 
When developing my last roll of film I managed to tempt myself into trying out a new camera they had on sale in the shop... Meet the Ricoh FF-9.... I got these pictures developed this Monday and actually couldn't decide in that moment whether I liked the pictures or not. It's taken me a few looks at them, but I've decided that I do really like the images I got from it. Mainly the fact that I can take low exposure shots! I managed to sneak another go on it and I'm currently half way through my second film, which I hope to finish this weekend. But saying that I think I've decided that I will buy the camera. It's so handy and small and easy to use.. It certainly cannot replace my Diana Mini as I am forever realising that that camera is just truly unique.. And these pictures won't be taking up my Diana Mini book either, but rather I'll put them with all my other 4x6 images in a separate album. As for my Diana Mini book, I counted up all the pages and worked out that I have space for another 22 film rolls before the book is complete - how ridiculous is that. So if I use a roll a month it'll be completed in two years. I feel like that's totally un-achievable, but I'll give it my best shot nonetheless... And so my new camera the simple Ricoh will be kept for more experimental shots, where I want to appreciate low lighting and a sharper image. 

Enjoy the pics and I'll write again soon!!


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