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What I Did In February

Todays actually been a great day and I have decided to make it even better by writing this before I have to go off to work. I spent all morning cleaning, which might seem like a horrendous task to some, but I actually find it rather calming and therapeutic (and actually quite a work out at time!). Then I made some rather tasty and filling lunch and decided it was time to begin on my second assessment of my English course. My first essay. Well I say that but its only 600 words, so maybe not that daunting for some. I feel like I find essays quite a challenge though and I'm trying so hard to get better at them and not just give up like I did years ago in college. Reading this you may think, really? You write so much all the time on here. But this is very very different. It's easy to write what pops into your mind instantly, but when you're trying to explain something in something longer than just a definition, then I find it tricky. But today I managed to get round it and I think it's okay! Well I've only done the introduction so far but I am so happy with it to be honest because it makes sense and I didn't struggle to find the words to use. Now I just need to do some more research and then I'll be ready to finish it! So that's left me in a good mood today and so I decided to slip in this blog post before I dash off to work in about ten minutes time!!

I'll try write again soon!


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