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Finally getting round to putting together my Winter instagram pics and I'm happy to say today feels wonderfully Spring like. I've been for a walk round Bute Park in the morning and was absolutely overjoyed by the amount of daffodils and primroses that had already bloomed. I even spotted a single blossomed tree and ended up walking home with my coat off because I was so hot! Good signs everywhere. Today has been a simple day off, I've got a few little things done and finished off my 2nd English Assignment which is due tomorrow. I think I'm going to enjoy the remaining sun now and bask on my sofa as I flick through a magazine. All roads lead to this weekend, a birthday trip away to Maidstone, Kent. With dancing all day Saturday (are you surprised) and a little explore around the town before back to Cardiff for my actual birthday. 
I should hopefully have more blog posts coming your way this month, as I'm ever more keen to snap up moments. Can you believe I haven't completed a Diana Mini film since December!! I'm heartbroken, this cannot continue! 


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