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Film: March/April 2017

Yay! Another film to develop.. With Aggie staying a full week at the end of March it meant even more opportunities to go out and take pictures. The Ricoh is now mine! I bought it when developing this film and I'm almost nearly finished with my third film on it. Also plenty of pictures from Time Warp, inside and afterwards. With the weather being much nicer now I'm trying to take more pictures. I've come up with a plan that from now on I'll always carry my Ricoh and my Diana Mini so that if I'm doing something I can enjoy taking good quality images on the Ricoh but also make sure the memory is captured on the Diana Mini and therefore continue with the process of finishing the book (in two years time LOL). I am fine, there was something I definitely wanted to mention in this post but of course I can't think what it was now... Typical... Guess I'll just leave you with these pictures. This year is getting more and more exciting with things being planned for every month. Although its harder making time for things with the amount of hours I'm doing in work plus my access course beginning again in May, OH YEH, thats what I was going to say. LOL its totally unimportant. I just noticed recently how strange it is now that I finished my first English module, I feel like I'm not supposed to have more spare time, but I do this month!! So I should make the most of it right? If only I didn't have so many double shifts (gah). Alright theres no point me writing anymore. 


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