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Film: April 2017

Well finally I can get round to writing a post, and finally I have developed my April film rolls. April was actually a really good month, filled with random nights out, the enjoyment of brief sunshine and the recognition that Spring had finally arrived. I can't recall to you in acute detail what I did and when these photos were all taken, but its just a good thing they were taken at all. I'm really enjoying the new camera which will be in my next post. Its so easy to carry around and I love experimenting with the light exposures when I cancel the flash. Its amazing some of the shots I get! 
At the moment I'm pretty well and happy, I joined the gym last week and have begun taking a bunch of fitness classes which I'm hoping will make me feel fitter and healthier, although I'm not too much of a gym enthusiast. So many bulging egos. (Really not my thing). But today I did a Legs, Bums and Tums class which was a great workout and a steady reminder that I'm not as fit as I think I am. I can't wait to really improve in the classes though. 
I'm starting my new English module this coming Saturday which is exciting but a bit more intensive than the evening classes I had earlier in the year. Looking forward to learning more though! I got my final essay results from the last module today and am quite happy with them and the feedback that came with, I now have a pretty decent idea of what I need to work on (if you must know its sentence structures which I know I never do correctly on here.) The problem is that I write how I think... 
Also I have already managed to book off all my years holidays in work. Its semi depressing, semi exciting as I have four awesome holidays to look forward to this Summer. But then that is it!!! Autumn and Winter I'm gunna have to grin and bare it until 2018. Yikes!! First up is Madrid in the start of June with Tom, we're staying with some friends who live there so that should be really nice. July me and Josie found cheap flights to Barcelona so bought them up in a flash and now have that trip to look forward to and the potential of Rose and Aggie joining us! August is Dekmantel in Amsterdam which will be camping in the sun grooving to electronic vibes. And last but not least, September me and the girls are doing Bestival! Which will be awesome as its just gunna be an ultimate girls festival sesh! So Summer is planned to the T. With of course little trips and summer boogies throughout :) 
I don't know what else to update you on! So I guess its time for pictures! 
Enjoy - April on the Diana Mini


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