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Kind of feels strange writing a blog post promoting a product, but I just really wanted to let people know about something that I was completely unaware existed until about a month ago. So sorry for the cheese but...

Welcome to the New Period! 

I can't believe that I've only just discovered such a life-changing product... It's been a week of use and the ease of it has completely transformed how I feel about 'that time of the month'. 
For those who have no idea what I'm on about, I'm talking about a Menstrual Cup! Oh how the times of endlessly purchasing tampons and pads galore are gone. This clever little product cleans the slate of all that consumerism and puts the control in YOUR hands. 

I first noticed menstrual cups from an AD on Facebook believe it or not (you may have noticed the same AD yourself). Well I was curious so began reading through the comments only to discover that for once it sounded incredibly positive! A click through to the website and I was instantly convinced to buy one. A menstrual cup lasts years, is completely hygienic, is chemical free, causes no irritation and lasts way way longer than a tampon in terms of each day (up to 12hours depending on your flow!) You can even wear it swimming - finally periods will not hold us back from that beach holiday! What's not to love!?

So now it's my turn to tell you ladies to go order the product for yourselves, I guarantee you won't regret it! The website is amazing and totally answers any questions you may have. It's around £20 for one cup and I really do think it's worth the investment. 
Also with the discount code "befree" you can get free worldwide shipping :) 

>>Click through to the website here<< To get loads more information. 
If you do have any questions you can send me either an email or comment down below.

Lots of Love


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