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Rosary Vine

So I've been meaning to do a post with all my plants for quite a while now. 
I've tried to make it an annual thing where I show the growth of my pretty plants (in size and collection) around this time of year. 
But I am yet to do it this year. 
Partly due to the fact that I just have so many now... I think around 46+ So yeaaaah taking photos - especially getting the right photo of them each takes some time. 
I have taken some pictures, but I was taking some pictures today of my Rosary Vine and I realised, why don't I just do a post per plant. 
I know it sounds quite a ridiculous idea because that would mean nearly 46 posts of just plants. 
I don't think I want to do that. 
But I kind of enjoying focusing on one plant with my camera and just trying to capture the essence of it. 

So for now here's just one of my many plants.
My Rosary Vine, bought this year at the RHS Flower Show in Cardiff, it's growing very quickly and I will have to move it to a higher shelf eventually (which is awesome).
I'll make the effort to post again soon.

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