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Stop Time

How to stop procrastinating that is the question. How to make meaning from my time. I've only just realised its stopped raining. How long haven't I looked out of my window. How long into my laptop screen. I've written already today, I don't feel so much like writing now. 
I had work this morning, again. But I didn't mind. It means I have the whole of the rest of my day to do what I please. In this case it's lay on my sofa with a throw over me and my camera by my side. I'm trying to take pictures. I have a few. But my cable is far away and I haven't summed up the effort to go get it yet. I will. 
I went to the gym after work which went really well. Two classes and 10 minutes on some machine that works my legs. Cycling in the rain was nice, but I got wet and it's lead me to this point now. I did finish off my essay however, which is always a good thing. Its due tomorrow. I got an A- for my last module which is really satisfying. I want to try and get even better next time. I haven't watered my plants today... I bet they hate it when I don't stick to a routine. 
This evening I feel like eating sweet potato and lighting all my candles until I'm too tired to stay awake. Tom will be home soon, which is good. It's so nice not having evenings in work. 
I've taken a few pictures today. Don't know what I've been so stubborn to use the Aperture and Shutter Speed settings on the camera until today. They're so simple to play around with. 

I'll do another post soon

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