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UAL Degree Show

Another few days in London, this time blessed with gorgeous sunshine and this time to celebrate the finalization of Agnese's time in University. I can't believe how quickly three years has flown by! 
Wednesday I arrived around midday and met her back in the apartment. We then caught up got ready and made our way to London College of Communications where her final show was going to be. At 6pm it began and quickly filled to the brim with people. It was such a good night, and such an amazing show!! I didn't get a chance to see everything, but spent a lot of time next to Aggie's piece. If you're interested I'll link her website >>here<< and it has a good description of what her piece was on under 'Nostalgia for a Future'. I absolutely loved it (and yes I know I would say that) but I'm always amazed by just how good her work is. The detail put into her piece, how everything from sound to the visuals was coordinated was so amazing. I was so impressed!! 
At 9pm everyone was made to leave so most of the students moved on to a pub to fit in some more socialising. Around 12pm we got kicked out of there onto the street haha and then we went back to some friend's of Aggie's house until everyone was ready for bed.
The next day was another stunning day. Slightly hungover we waddled our way to a cafe for an incredible veggie breakfast (to share) and some pick-me-up drinks. By midday we felt completely revitalized and met Aggie's family - who also came to the show. We drove to Victoria Park and then spent a lovely afternoon soaking up the sun and nibbling strawberries.
It was such a good few days, but as ever always too short. Soon I was on my coach back home to good old Cardiff.

I'll write again soon

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  1. I see you really enjoy the summer time in London!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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