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Film: Madrid 2017

So this is the first film I have from Madrid and I have to say overall I really like the pictures.
I'm only slightly irritated by the thumb additions, which I clearly need to get better at avoiding.
Pictures are from Day One, Two and Three at the start of our hike :) 

I guess I could give a quick update. I am pretty good! All finished with my first year of doing my access course (until September now). Only an essay to write which I'm in the pre-panick phase of. (You know when you don't actually have a clue what you're going to write about just yet and just hoping by some miracle it'll all come together...) Yeah... But I have until next Monday to get my shit together (and I will) I'll borrow a few books from the library, make a decent plan and a few rough drafts all in time to not feel stressed during my Barcelona trip with the girls!! Eeek I'm so excited! I actually need to do some research on it all so we can arrange a day out hiking somewhere. But so far the weather is looking mid-twenties, which is nowhere near how hot it was in Madrid but still better than here haha! 
I'm so ready to escape for a little bit again, and to have even more posts to write when I return!! 
Also last year today me and Tom headed out on our adventures across Europe!! How depressing is that. But it was one of the most incredible times of my life and whenever I look back at pictures it just makes me want to do it all over again (especially the hiking). If you'd like to have a little look if you haven't already here's the link the my first post from the trip >> The First Post of Our Europe Adventure!

I'll be writing again soon!

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