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So glad I have some spare time to write this post!
Life seriously takes over sometimes and although its so great to constantly have things to do, its also really nice to come away from it all and take some time to recollect yourself. For me that's usually in the form of writing (either a million post-it notes and lists or in my journal or blog).
The UK has been hit with this mega amazing heat-wave. It's only supposed to last around 5 days but I literally couldn't be happier. Cardiff was 28 degrees yesterday and I miraculously had a day off with Tom! 
We woke up really early and began the day with a quick yoga sesh (I'll have to introduce you to a new app I'm using in a later post), some breakfast and then packed a bag and headed out into the center to catch a train.
We decided to spend the first half of the day out hiking in one of our favourite areas. From Cardiff Central we caught a train to Taffs Well where you can get off to walk over to Castell Coch - which is on the right side of the river. This time though we decided to head up a different mountain, which was to the left of the river. Using only the view from the ground of the mountain ahead we made our way towards it until we came across a sign post pointing to a walk path that took us deep into the forest. 
It was so stunning. Such a blissfully quiet space, I felt almost transported to a magical land where anything could creep out from behind a tree. We followed the path up and up, until we came to a clearing that then took us to the start of the climb to the peak of the mountain. We couldn't believe the views! But we had certainly picked the perfect day for it. It was so clear we could see as far as the edge of Ogmore which is 23 miles west and the whole of the South Coast before that included! 
We sat and ate strawberries in the glistening sun and then eventually began our decent. 
After a quick drop off back at the flat (and a refill of water) we walked over to Penarth to spend the rest of the afternoon with Tom's family for a delicious BBQ and then of course walked all the way back to the flat just as the sun was setting. 
What a simply perfect day!
More posts to come soon..

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