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Just recently I've tried to rekindle my use of Bloglovin' (a blog sharing website). I'm slightly fed up of not being in touch with the rest of the blogging world - especially when I'm positive that there are blogs out there just like mine which I'm sure I'd be interested in. Today I actually went through my reading list which I haven't edited in years and I was actually really surprised by the amount of blogs (that I used to love) have come to a complete stand-still. Without even a goodbye. I guess its understandable. Life is a busy thing and to be able to talk about it regularly can sometimes be impossible. I think if I didn't love my blog so much maybe I wouldn't be so dedicated. So I have been unfollowing a lot today. 
Its difficult because I'm feeling once again that I want to do more with my blog, I want it to be something more than it is. People say that there is so much potential when it comes to blogging. Markets to be tapped into, promoting, advertising, sharing. But I don't know how to slot myself in. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I rarely feel comfortable promoting products (especially as I'm not an especially materialistic person). I like what I'm doing at the moment with my blog, I love capturing moments through the many formats I use, and I love sharing it with the wider world. But what is the next step to that? Maybe there isn't one. Maybe I'm not ready for it. 

Maybe all I want to say from this is, if you read/follow my blog and get something out of it, whether it be a smile or a lingering thought.. Thanks. Its really nice to know that I'm able to share something personal with the world and that maybe someone else appreciates it too. Although I'm not too sure (I feel totally out of touch with this whole blogging for views thing). If you do read my blog and have a blog yourself - please share it with me!! I would love to get reading about some other interesting lives wherever you're from...

Lots of love

P.S I am indeed back from Madrid!!! I'm currently waiting to charge my camera so that I can upload the pictures and start blogging. There's also 3 completed film rolls that I have to save money to try and develop so yay! More posts soon hopefully xx

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  1. I feel the same way! I used to follow so many personal blogs circa 2014 that didn't necessary serve me with tips, tricks, or product reviews, but we all loved reading about each others lives and that is all we needed.

    I love your blog and look forward to seeing the photos from Madrid!


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