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Madrid 2017 Day One + Two

Time to show you my Madrid photos! Broken into three parts showing you the three amazingly full days we spent there. (Not including the grueling journey there and back which I'd rather not talk about). All I'm going to say is I'm not traveling from Cardiff to Gatwick again.. 

Enjoy the pics and kitty overload!!

Welcome to the flat! We stayed pretty much in the center of the city in a district called Barrio de Chueca. We had based the trip around the fact that friends of ours were living out there and it was such a perfect excuse to go! We got to stay in their gorgeous apartment with the adorable (slightly hyper-active cats) and got to experience some pretty amazing local vibes.
Our first full day in the city we decided to get up and out and explore our surroundings, which lead us over to the Palace and the gardens surrounding it.
After some lunch we headed into a small garden where by chance we spotted a gondola service that took you across a vast area. We found the station and after checking a map decided to hop on and see where it took us.
We ended up on the other side of a massive dry nature reserve with only the option of walking back through it appealing to us. Bare in mind it was 30 degrees (we were loving it). We headed though the reserve which made us feel like we had transported to Africa, until we got to a lake where we sat in the shade for a little bit before being our walk back to the flat.
Back at the flat we met with Kassia (the girl we were staying with) and decided to go get some cocktails at a rooftop bar nearby. 
Mango daiquiri's are amazing by the way. 
That evening we met up with Zeno once he finished work (Kassia's partner) and sat in Plaza Del Dos De Mayo for a 1 euro beer until we were hungry enough to go get amazing vegan burritos in a near by restaurant. 
I had to have two pots of guacamole, it was ever so slightly too spicy haha! 

The next day we woke up early to head up into the mountains -- but I'll leave that till the next post..

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