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Madrid 2017 Day Three

Our second full day in the sunshine was spent up a mountain in Penalara National Park an hour bus journey outside of Madrid. 
We walked over to the bus station with Zeno around 8.30 in the morning, had some very quick breakfast and then hopped on our bus and headed on our way.
The area was truly stunning, we got taken up to a remote peak across from a ski slope (closed due to the season). We got off the bus and then headed over to a Visitor's Center where we were able to get a map and decide which route to take.
There were so many routes it was really refreshing to see such an accessible National Park. We decided to keep it straight-forward and head to the highest peak. That way we could take in the surrounding landscape as well. 
The views were well and truly incredible, we could see out so far and from the peak got a complete panoramic. It was a very pleasant hike, the only hiccup being the enormous amount of ladybirds and flies, flying at us from all directions. We later realized they must of all just been born very recently. There were so many!! 

We made our way back down and after a quick refreshment at a cafe at the bottom, waited for our bus back to the city to arrive. Not before making friends with some wandering cows!
That evening we took it easy and wandered around the local area for a bit before sitting somewhere for some food. 

Next post we travel a bit more around the city and have a lovely final evening..

Hello from me and Lily!

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