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Madrid Day Four

Final Madrid post is here (apart from a few more film rolls). Our last full day was the Thursday and we spent it strolling around Madrid again.
First we headed to this really cool interior decor store and I bought some funky planters. 
Then we headed out, first to a very big central square (I can't seem to find it anymore on Google Maps so don't have the name haha). We ate churros and chocolate dip and then continued on to the Parque de El Retiro.
At the park we had a picnic which ended up being a feeding of the local birds (they seemed a real fan of walnuts!) It was so adorable, they literally would queue to have a piece and then fly off to eat/feed their babies. And of course they kept coming back for more!
After an afternoon spent relaxing in the park we walked all the way back to the flat and then chilled out for a bit before heading out for the evening.
This time for a final meal with Kassia and Zeno at an amazing vegan burger restaurant - they were incredible!!
And that is all from our lovely little trip!!
Friday was spent travelling which as I mentioned in the first post, was pretty dire.

Madrid is so worth the visit though! Amazing atmosphere and so much to see and explore.
4 days now until Barcelona with the ladies.
Tom is off to Amsterdam with his friends tomorrow and I won't see him until I'm back next Friday!! I don't know if we've ever not seen each other for that long!

I'll try write again before I go, but saying that I don't really have anything lined up to show you! You may have to wait till after Barcelona for the last of the Madrid films, so we shall see!


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