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Barcelona 2017 Day Four + Five

Our final day in Barcelona we decided to finally visit the Sagrada Familia. 
Barcelona's huge cathedral.
 We kept walking until suddenly there it was looming above the buildings. 
(The cranes helped to pin point it)
Of course it seems just my luck that there's always restoration work happening when I visit famous monuments. Or maybe the restoration never ends. 
The building was beautiful though. 
So grand and with such curious stone gravings and intricate designs. 
I really enjoyed taking these close ups of all the different aspects.
We then decided to head down towards the coast to Parc de la Ciutadella. 
When we eventually arrived (the area surrounding it was so nice!) we explored around a bit and then decided to rent out a boat for the hour and explored the little lake within the park.
After that we walked around more of the park, until we found this amazing area where everyone was just hanging out in the afternoon sun; playing music and chatting with friends. 
There were people doing yoga, acrobats and playing musical instruments. 
It was so refreshing.
We sat there for a while, hung out and then decided to head into the Gothic Quarter to find some food to munch.
We found it towards the end of the Gothic Quarter tucked away through narrow lanes, in a little hidden square full of tiny restaurants.
We ordered tapas and it was incredible! 
Hummus, tomato bread, red peppers stuffed with goats cheese.
And then as if that wasn't enough we each got a toasted bread topped with our favourite things.
(Aggie had salmon, Rose a pizza type topping and me and Josie had ones jammed packed with veg) 
We then ended the evening with a longer that expected walk down La Ramblas.
And then before you know it, we're on our way back home.
I would without a doubt go back to Barcelona - mainly because I know there was such much more to see and do there! It's huge!! And also Tom is yet to go so it would be so great to take him and show him around.

It was of course a wonderful trip away. 
Good company and great weather.

There will be more posts coming up once I have money to develop film, which will hopefully be next week! 

Much love

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