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Barcelona 2017 Day One + Two

Welcome to my Barcelona posts! 
The holiday has flown by and already it feels like a dream that I've awoken from (ill and confused).
I know it always takes me a while to get back into the rhythm of reality but I wish it didn't. 
What can I say about the first day..
Well our flight was in the evening.
It was my first experience of Cardiff airport and it's so small! Our 9pm flight was the last one out - to the point they were actually locking doors behind us. 
The flight was short and pleasant as we watched the sunset colours fade and the city lights twinkle in the night air. 
Even though we landed 1am local time it was off with the layers and out enjoying the mild nighttime air.
Finding our hostels (and Aggie for that matter!) was easy.
We explored our local area desolate in the dark and then snacked on avocado toast before calling it a night.
The next day was breakfast in the hostel and then a lounge and quick yoga session up on our hostel terrace. 
We met up with Rose around midday and then began our day out exploring.
The plan for the day was a walk through the Raval district to get to the beach for an afternoon relaxing.
Beach time was a delight as the water was so pleasant!
Oh how I've missed swimming in the sea..
We ended up spending most of the evening out in the area, having some lovely light dinner nearby before getting a Metro back to the hostel.
That evening we went out to a local music night. 
Followed by a later than expected lie-in and an afternoon in Parc Guell...

I'll be doing another post again soon!!

P.S Amsterdam flights are bought for next month... BUZZING!!

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