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Barcelona 2017 Day Three

Right I am getting round to doing a post today! 

Here are the pictures from our second full day in Barcelona!
Waking up a lot later than we were supposed to, we got ready and headed over to Rose's hostel while she got ready.
We had a slow slow morning with lunch in a cute outdoors cafe.
We had planned to head up into the mountains and see Montserrat for the day, but because we had started the day off so late it dawned on us that maybe it wasn't worth the long journey up - especially since we realised the last train back was around 6/7pm. 
We decided instead to head to Parc Guell, which was just a short bus ride from the center.
The park was stunning.
Placed high up on the mountainside it gave us such a brilliant opportunity to see the whole of Barcelona.
Plus the park itself was beautiful.
We continued following the paths higher until we reached the last vantage point.
We then realised that behind us there was a point you could reach much higher up - the peak of the mountain!
We set off almost scrambling uphill until we reached a trodden path that took us right to the top, where only a handful of other people had got to.
The views were incredible. 
We were just so incredibly high up in comparison to Barcelona.
And you could see out for so far. All the way along the coastline both left and right.
And of course behind us there were further mountains, that made my hiking senses tingle in an urge to go venture off. 
Eventually we made our way down and tried to see the last few parts of the park before taking the bus back in the Barcelona.
That evening we took things easy.
Relaxed a bit in Rose's hostel and then headed out for a easy dinner.
With the aim of waking up earlier the next day..

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