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Film: Madrid 2017

2nd lot of Madrid pictures off the Ricoh are here! Yay! They're so lush and bringing back memories of tranquil times. 
Seriously falling in love with this camera! 

Feeling like I'm not spending my time properly at the moment. Wasting too much time dwindling on my phone, getting sucked into social happenings. I keep telling myself I'll get better but I'm not. In fact now I don't have studying to do, I'm worse. So I need to sort that out, but it's difficult when I have 4-5 hours alone in the flat. I need to start going gym more as a distraction! I'm fine if I'm out of the apartment. 

Also in the process of trying to figure out Pinterest. I really don't like it haha! But I feel like it's just because I don't get it yet. 

Amsterdam is drawing closer, (you can expect a mention of it from every post I write from now until Tuesday). We still haven't really prepared - well I did get my euros yesterday which is something I guess. It may be last minute packing at this rate oups :) 

Enjoy the pictures! 

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