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Film: May - July 2017

So I have finally developed all of my film that I had stacking up. (I'm having a weird moment with the word pile where I can't figure out if you write piling or what.....)
First out of the bunch are these lovely ones from my Diana Mini.
Pictures are from London in May, Madrid and walks in June and Barcelona in July.
It did indeed take me a while to get through this film and to be honest, it seems to be the case with most of my Diana Mini rolls at the moment. But you know what, I'm kind of okay with it because I totally get loads of cool images from loads of fun days and that seems like a good thing to me.

Life is pretty basic at the moment.. I'm counting down the days me and Tom are flying off to Amsterdam (6 days now). I cannot wait. It will be so much fun and I'm hoping the best kind of detox we could ask for... Camping and techno.. In Amsterdam (bliss). The weather is looking good so far too so I literally cannot wait.

I guess I'll leave you know with the pictures. 
Enjoy and I'll share more with you soon!


Rose's reaction to a vodka shot!

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