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The Devil's Pulpit

Eeek, sorry I've been relatively slow to get round to making this post. I had mission complete final essay taking over my mind and now finally IT IS DONE! So I am officially off for the Summer! 
So that means I have no excuse to get fully into working on this blog. I will try I promise! I wanna build more of a topical structure to my posts. Write a bit more about things other than my busy life. And hopefully somehow boost my following. 
But that's all in the months to come of course.

This post is just a few pictures from a walk me and Tom did last Wednesday. I had a morning shift and Tom had done some research during the morning on where we can go.
And this is what he found... 

The Devil's Pulpit ~

A short walk up through the woods located next to Tintern Abbey. We got a coach to Chepstow and then from there it was a bus journey to Tintern. But of course me being me assumed we were there before we actually were. So after getting off on the side of the road, we realised we obviously weren't yet in Tintern and so had to carry on walking up along the road. (So typical of me tbh). 
The walk itself was lovely. Quite short but pleasant. You walk across the river and enter the woods and then its easy to follow the paths and signs until you get to a lovely view out onto the valley and over Tintern Abbey. We stayed there for a bit, took some pictures. Observed a creepy robin - it literally flew to a branch next to us and then just stared directly at us, unflinching. Tom even found out later there's rumours that the area is haunted... 
We then continued our walk back down to the town and managed to not miss the last bus back to Chepstow. 
It was a really nice simple afternoon making the most of the good weather! I'm glad we explored out towards that area because now we feel more confident accessing the walk routes around the River Wye. 

I'll be making the effort to develop film soon! I can't wait to see pictures from as far back as May!!
Lots of love

Essay fun and plant distractions..

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