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Dekmantel Festival 2017

WELCOME to my DEKMANTEL 2017 post.

I don't think it's possible for me not to be depressed that I'm home right now.
Especially when 'home' is grey boring cloud, cold wind and all the rest of it that I'd rather not go into.

I shouldn't be living here...

So lets rewind back to a week ago Wednesday. Our arrival at Amsterdam and the beginning of our 6 days of bliss. 
I will admit I didn't take a hella-lot of pictures during the festival. Only the last day I took the camera in as I didn't want to take any chances. But I do have enough to put together a post that will give you a good idea of how awesome Dekmantel was.

On the Wednesday and Thursday me and Tom spent our time out and about around Amsterdam, which I took a good amount of pictures of.

So sit back and enjoy scrolling through our sunny time in Amsterdam and at Dekmantel Festival...


Setting up camp and exploring the Dam

So since I only have photos from the final day of the festival (luckily the best day weather wise), I'm splitting up the pictures into the sections you'll find below.

Both the festival and the camping were set in the park Amsterdamse Bos - a massive forestry area.
This meant everyone camping had the delight of walking through the park to get to and from the festival. Some preferred to stick to the shortcuts of course (using branches to cross the river).

Food in the festival was an absolute treat - and super affordable. 
It was genuinely what we were most excited about at the start of the day. 
Considering the campsite only served pot noodles or toasties.

This is where the real party is at..

Surrounded by trees, a small stage where some of the best DJs show off their grooviest tracks.

Do you have to wonder why I fell in love with this stage? Um. It was a greenhouse?! 
Usually over flowing with people dancing in every spot there wasn't a leafy friend.

Live streamed sets from an array of DJs. 
Warning: Opportunity to get anywhere close to the DJ was zero to none.

AKA: The techno tent.
Ideal for avoiding the odd rain shower... or sunlight for that matter!

Another live streaming stage. 
A great little feature in the middle of the food quarter.

And that is all I have to share with you! 
Minus the load of videos I have on my phone but can't upload to here (always takes too long).
Click over to my instagram for more pictures and a few videos.

Dekmantel was such a good festival! I can't get over how well everything went (organisation etc)
The atmosphere was amazing, good vibes and friendly people.
Every video I watch makes me all emotional and wish I could flash back a week. 

But I guess I'll just have to wait until next year.

Thanks for checking this post out! 
I'll be writing again soon..


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