Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bardoneccia Skiing Holiday Part Three

Having decided to write a blog post on the laziest Sunday we've had probably in a long long time (its amazing), I am finally here getting round to it. It's an absolutely miserable day, the kind where you just don't want to be outside unless you really have to. In our case we don't so that's great! We spent last night dancing in Undertone and finished the night quite early (my legs had given up on me due to my double shift that day) around 3am. Today we woke up late, lay in bed until our stomachs could take it no more and then had breakfast without realising it was actually lunchtime. This afternoon has been spent online shopping for a rug (we found one!!) and then dream shopping for loads more things that we can't get because they're only available in America :( And now finally here I am in my attempt to do something productive - Tom's fallen asleep hehehe. 
Tomorrow is also looking to be a great day which I glad because I know I'll feel good from filling my day off with loads of things to do. I'm doing my first ever yoga session at 10am in Roath, which I'll then follow up with developing film - more skiing pictures! - and then hopefully doing a blog post later in the day! Our evening shall be spent cooking up yummy grub and then I'll be going to my second English class so that is exciting! Phew, sounds good right?

So now for post related writing... This lot of pictures now are from both mine and Tom's phones. As we weren't as afraid to take them up on the slopes with us and obviously had them on us the rest of the time, I can give you a more in depth look at the ins and outs of our trip. So I'll leave you here!


 I have an obsession with aeroplane shots...
Sunrise was amazing though.
 And the skiing begins!
An evening out
Taking our skis back :(
Heading home.. Turin

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bardoneccia Skiing Holiday Part Two

Time for some more pictures I think! Don't really feel like writing much today. I have a double shift today and then have Sunday and Monday off which I am massively looking forward to, some chill time for sure! It's been really nice having morning shifts (I prefer them so much more!!) These past few days I've been a bit lazy mind, I have wanted to read up some more on what I'm learning in English at the moment but either book suggestions aren't available online or when I search the topic we're looking at on Monday (Animals and Language) they're just really short articles with not much depth. Pretty poop. So that's led me to do this blog post and then I think I'll eat some fruit and read my book until I have to head off to work again, which isn't too long I suppose.

So these pictures are all taken on the GoPro throughout our week away. They're all taken up on the slopes either bored on the ski lifts or getting ready to hit a run. Next post will be photos from our phones so I'll be able to show you a bit more in depth everything we got up to. 


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